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How to Add a Logo or Watermark in iMovie for Mac

This is a detailed explanation about how to add a logo, whether it is a business logo or otherwise, to your videos using iMovie on the Mac. If you do not have a logo, but instead wish to add a watermark, this is essentially the same process, so continue reading.

Step One: Creation of the Logo or Watermark

Before you begin doing anything, you must know exactly what it is you are wanting to place in the video, because you the logo, or watermark, must first be created before it can be put in the video.


You can start by creating a new file and properly setting the dimensions of the video that you should already have. If the video is HD (720p), that is the dimension you should set. If you do not completely understand this, do not fret. There are guides and presets available for you to reference and use to your advantage, or you can do your own research using Google.

When you are setting up and you are asked to choose a background color, be sure to select “Transparent.” Now create and add the text and content that you want. Once that is finished, if you did not have the option to select “Transparent” for the background, delete or hide the background as much as you can. Save this file as a PNG and choose “None” if asked about interlacing.

Step Two: Add Logo in iMovie

Now all you need to do is locate and add the image to iMovie. Open the “Finder” and drag and drop it so that you can view the “Finder” as well as the video that is already on your iMovie. Once you locate the image you just created within the “Finder,” go ahead and drag and drop it directly onto the video’s file form or “filmstrip” and maneuver it around to the spot you want it to appear when the video is playing (such as the top left or middle). “Cutaway” is the option to choose when the pop-up appears after you have dragged and dropped your image.




Now that that is finished, click the “crop” button in the toolbar, and then the “fit” button to ensure that the image will take up the entire frame. You can adjust how long the image shows up by moving the edges in the Project browser. Double click the cutaway clip to adjust any effects, such as fading, you may want add or edit.

Bonus Tip

There have been many people that have complained that when they are dragging and dropping the PNG file onto the video file, they are only given the options: Insert, Replace, and Cancel. This is very frustrating, so here is the answer: In iMovie, go to the “General” section, click the “Show Advanced Tools” check-box, and it should be all set and ready to cooperate.