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22 Mar 2016

Best Video Editing Software 2017

Are you new to video editing in 2017? Pinnacle Studio 19/20 may be the option for you. Are you a more advanced video editor that is looking for something to take your online videos to the next level? You may want to try Adobe Preimer. Those that are extreme sports athletes

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14 Jan 2016

What Video Editing Software do Youtubers Use

Once just a job for Hollywood and professionals, video editing is now done by just about anyone wanting to post a video on Youtube, online for work or mere entertainment. It is now as simple as just dragging and dropping your raw footage in the most basic program like Final

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06 Jan 2016

How to Make and Edit Vine Videos

Why create hours of videos when you can tell so much in just six seconds? Share life experiences or capture hilarious and funny moments, and you can have them on Vine, one popular video sharing platform that has changed how we look at videos itself. Since its launch in 2013,

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