24 May 2019

7 Best Open Source Video Editors

Everyone can shoot a good video, just to say the least. Videos are an everyday phenomenon in the modern world, considering the number of events that are quite memorable and one would like to keep a copy of the event for themselves. Your camera will only get you remarkable video

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26 Oct 2015

3 Quick Checks Before Launching a YouTube Video

Getting the desired attention for your videos on YouTube can be challenging at times. However, this should be a piece of cake for you if you adhere to the following three essential tips: Branding Branding is an essential marketing tool for business and it is not any different when it

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20 Oct 2015

Windows Movie Maker mp4 Codec

Do you use Windows Movie Maker and need help with the Windows Movie Maker mp4 Codec? Editing Insider gives the detailed guide on how to fix the mp4 codec. Windows movie maker supports various video file formats, but it depends on what version of the program you are using. The

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18 Sep 2015

11 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram

When it comes to creating videos for your social network, your goal should always be to create some genuine, fun, and imaginative. With Instagram, that statement is even more accurate. With the addition of video, Instagram has become the go-to place for visual storytelling. Instagram is a place where people

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01 Sep 2015

Pinnacle Studio 19 & 20 Review

Official Website: Video editing software is improving all the time, and Pinnacle Studio 19 represents many of the newest advancements in this technology. People today are living in an age in which everyone’s phone has a camera that is going to create better videos than professionals could twenty years

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