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Best Video Editing Software for GoPro Hero 4

Today, Editing Insider takes a look at the best video editing software for GoPro Hero 4. Your GoPro 4 is one of the most powerful cameras available today – and with its rugged construction, incredible video quality, and relatively low price point, it’s one of the most remarkable pieces of technology on the market, period.

Best Video Editing Software ForĀ GoPro Hero 4

 Product InfoFeatures

PINNACLE STUDIO 20Click to see Price and more Info-Easy to Use
-Great Built in Functionalities

CAMTASIA STUDIO 8Click to see Price and more Info-Compatible for both Mac and Windows
-Easy to create dynamic videos and share them across any platform
-Free trial available


But your GoPro will only shoot the video for you, and in order to make it truly worthwhile, you have to put the footage together in a clear, attractive, and presentable way. There are several varieties of video editing software out there and a lot of conflicting arguments about which are the best; today, though, we’ll be focusing on three pieces of video editing software designed specifically to take advantage of the GoPro’s strengths and powerful capabilities.

GoPro Hero 4 & GoPro Studio

First up is GoPro Studio, designed by the GoPro company itself. With its built-in compatibility and specific focus on the GoPro, GoPro Studio is an excellent choice for the gopro-hero-4-video-editorfirst-time video recorder looking to get their feet wet in the field.

Immediate Access and Flexible Usage

GoPro Studio is available immediately for free download at the GoPro website. Its functionality is basic in some ways – it is free software, after all, even though it’s straight from the excellent minds at GoPro – and this is certainly an advantage for people just getting used to video editing software.

GoPro Studio offers several special features to users, including automatic importing and playback of your videos, as well as the capabilities to trim, edit, and mix videos together, including several special plug-and-play transition effects. You can overdub music and other audio onto your video with ease, enabling you to provide the best soundtrack possible for the adventures your GoPro records, and can also add title cards and other effects.

Target Audience: Relative Beginners

If you’re new to the field of video editing and want to see what all the fuss is about while not breaking the bank, GoPro Studio is an excellent choice. It’ll have a learning curve, but that curve won’t be as steep as some of the more full-featured video editors, and you’ll be able to transfer the skills you learn here to other more advanced software applications. Add all that to its unbeatable price point – free – and you’ve got an excellent way to get started in the video editing world without going broke doing so.

GoPro Hero 4 & Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a great option for editing GoPro footage. If you’ve already learned the basics of video editing and want to tap into some more of what more powerful video editing software has to offer, the multi-tiered approach of Pinnacle Studio may just be the perfect fit. Pinnacle Studio picks up where the free features of GoPro Studio leave off, giving you a wide array of effects, editing options, and more.

Editing, Effects, and Ease of Use


There are three versions of Pinnacle Studio available for use: Pinnacle Studio, Pinnacle Studio Plus, and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Ranging in price from $59.95 to $129.95, all three feature drag-and-drop HD video editing, a large library of effects and transitions, DVD authoring and video sharing capabilities, and more. The base version of the software serves very well for most editing purposes, but if you’re looking to take advantage of 3D video support for future projects, automatic audio ducking for high-quality audio mixes, and live screen capture, you’ll need to aim for the Plus or Ultimate versions.

Excellent for Beginners, Intermediates, and Experts

No matter what your experience level with the process of video editing and the options of video editing software, some level of the Pinnacle Studio brand will have something to offer you. Novice users will be able to access several common features using a toolbar at the top of the screen, while more advanced users will have the time to delve into all that Pinnacle Studio has to offer with its more advanced options. The editing process is very straightforward, allowing direct manipulation and drag-and-drop interface with video clips, but this ease of use does not skimp on the quality of the software’s editing capabilities – you can create professional-looking videos using the combination of your GoPro and any level of Pinnacle Studio with ease.

The Advantages of Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is an excellent choice for the beginner with money to spend on editing software or the intermediate looking to expand their video editing skills; it is easy enough to learn while you’re still learning the ins and outs of video editing, but robust enough for continued use when you’re more familiar with the processes involved. Skills learned on Pinnacle Studio will transfer from one version of the software to the next, so even if you start out at the lowest tier and move up from there, you’ll be able to see the advantage of investing your time and money in Pinnacle Studio’s multi-tiered approach.

GoPro Hero 4 & Camtasia

The highest price point of the three types of video editing discussed here, Camtasia also offers some of the most advanced and unique features. Camtasia starts a $299 for a single user license, and it justifies that price with a superb array of options and abilities.

The Standard Features


Camtasia offers all of what GoPro Studio and Pinnacle Studio do, first of all – straightforward and highly effective video editing, letting you create high-quality professional videos with ease. One of the first places Camtasia shines, though, is in its treatment of editing tracks: where other software forces you to allocate one track for audio, one track for video, and so on, Camtasia allows you to treat all of these media sources on the same track. This enables quick and easy manipulation of audio and video, faster and more straightforward than that of the other two types of software.

Advanced Features

If you’re buying Camtasia, you’re not just looking for the standard features. You’re interested in the more advanced features it has to offer, such as voice to speech capabilities (cutting down the time needed to create subtitles by a large amount), a notably high-quality green screen feature, easy placement and use of callouts (text boxes and arrows), and more. It’s easily the best software available for screen recording uses – tutorial videos, for example, are one area where Camtasia really shines – but you’ll be able to see its advanced capabilities when you import video from your GoPro as well.

Target Audience: Intermediate to Advanced Users, Screen Recorders

Camtasia is more geared toward intermediate and advanced users than either GoPro Studio or Pinnacle Studio. It truly shines in screen recording, but will offer a wide variety of options and tools for creating high-quality videos using your GoPro as well. Given its $299 price, it will take a bit more thought and consideration to pick up Camtasia as opposed to the other software brands mentioned – make sure you’ve got a good foothold on the process of video editing before you jump into these waters. If you’re experienced in the field, though, Camtasia’s unique features and powerful capabilities make it a no-brainer for uses like screen recording and a serious contender in editing videos shot with your GoPro. You can read more about its features and try out a demo on its website.

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