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Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Finding the best video editing software for beginners is very important. With the ubiquity of cell phone cameras and the relatively easy level of access for even high quality video recording cameras, the entry barrier for shooting and producing your own videos is lower now than it ever has been.

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

 Product InfoFeatures

PINNACLE STUDIO 20Click to see Price and more Info-Easy to Use
-Great Built in Functionalities

CAMTASIA STUDIO 8Click to see Price and more Info-Compatible for both Mac and Windows
-Easy to create dynamic videos and share them across any platform
-Free trial available

With this ease of access, however, comes a glut of video editing software that can leave the aspiring new video editor reeling – where should you begin, where should you invest your money, and what should you learn?

We’re here to take a look at some of the best video editing software for beginners, software which will help you hit the ground running with your video production needs and be well on your way to producing excellent videos.

Pinnacle Studio 20

Official Website:

pinnacle studio 20


Pinnacle Studio 20¬†offers a wide variety of features and options for a low price, at the time of writing (including a copy of WinZip 19 as well). Pinnacle Studio is a step above Windows Movie Maker’s basic tools; it offers drag and drop editing, video speed-up and slowdown, and audio editing capabilities like Windows Movie Maker, but also includes hundreds of effects, titles, and templates aimed at speeding up and improving the quality of video production. These additional premade effects, when placed well in your videos, can mean the difference between a decent video and a truly professional looking one, and Pinnacle Studio 20 is an excellent way to learn how to use those effects.


Pinnacle Studio also offers some more precise video editing than Windows Movie Maker, including six tracks of frame by frame editing – a cut above the more basic editing capabilities of Windows Movie Maker and an ideal way to learn more advanced methods of video editing. The software also offers the capability to work with footage from two cameras, helping make the video editing process simpler and create a more dynamic and visually appealing end product.

Pinnacle Studio 20 also comes with a free thirty-day trial of, which offers several courses and training methods geared toward Pinnacle Studio as well as a large royalty-free library of stock footage. The software advertises its uploading capability like Windows Movie Maker does, but as mentioned earlier, you’ll soon find that this isn’t necessarily a selling point when you’re shopping for video editing software for beginners – doing it yourself often allows for more control and precision with the content.

Pinnacle Studio 20 offers several ways to jump into the workflow of a professional video editor and manages to do so for a very reasonable price, but since there are so many different types of video editing software available, there are several options for aspiring editors at this skill level. Let’s take a look at another tool in the video editor’s toolbox, Bootstrap Video Wizard.


Video Wizard

Official Website:

Bootstrap Video Wizard offers several conversion techniques to make your videos fit the ideal format for any application, including straight to your iPod or iPhone or as source videos for editing in Pinnacle Studio 20.

Offering a direct link to download from their website, Bootstrap Video Wizard is a tool that is incredibly easy to access and use. One of its major flaws is that it isn’t available for Mac computers, and since many video editors swear by the Apple operating system, a large part of their potential market is being lost to this lack of compatibility.


If you’re using a Windows computer and are looking for a quick, simple video conversion tool, one offering DVD conversion capabilities as well as a wide variety of potential formats to convert to, Bootstrap Video Wizard is well worth a look. Its ease of access and broad array of capabilities make it an excellent addition to the toolbox of any serious video editor. While not necessarily the best video editing software available for beginners, Video Wizard is an excellent utility for any video editor.

Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, and Bootstrap Video Wizard make up several pieces of the puzzle for traditional video editing – but if you’re interested in one of the hottest new forms of video creation and editing, you may want to take a serious look at another piece of software called Camtasia Studio.

Camtasia Studio 8

Official Website:

Camtasia Studio 8


Camtasia Studio offers extremely powerful screen recording capabilities, an essential component for anyone looking to make videos in the hugely popular Let’s Play genre, computer tutorials, or any other application that requires recording the output of your computer screen. At just under $300, this is the most expensive of the video editing software options, but its power and versatility make it well worth the price – aside from recording videos of your computer screen, it also features a powerful suite of video editing tools for the intermediate and advanced beginner video editor.


With a powerful green screen module, several tracks available for video and audio editing, tutorial video creation features like “callouts” (visual indications of areas of interest, like arrows, circles, and pointers) and “smart focus” (automatic zooming in and focus on mouse clicks and other areas of interest), and more, Camtasia’s focus on screen recording and tutorial video production is clear, leveraging its capabilities into a powerful and versatile video creation and editing suite of tools. For the aspiring screen recorder, Camtasia is some of the best video editing software available.


Windows Movie Maker

Official Website:

A quick and easy way to get started making your own movies, Windows Movie Maker features an undeniably low price point – it’s free! – as well as several powerful features to get started editing your own videos. As free software included with Windows Essentials, Movie Maker is the best point for any raw beginner to get started. You’ll be able to trim, speed, and slow your videos, splicing together different cuts and adding your own soundtrack and other audio. These are all of the features you’ll be using in more powerful and advanced forms of editing software, so learning the basics for free is an excellent idea and a cost-effective way to get started in the world of video editing.


Windows Movie Maker also offers the capability to publish online direct from the program, although this is less of a selling point than it used to be. With sites like YouTube significantly simplifying the video uploading process, there’s no real need to focus on uploading videos to the Internet directly from the editing program. In fact, as a producer of your own videos, you should get used to the process of creating and uploading videos to your own channel on YouTube – the direct upload capability should become an unnecessary shortcut for aspiring editors.

Windows Movie Maker makes excellent video editing software for beginners – but what if you’re a little bit more experienced, or you’ve picked up a thing or two already and want to expand your skills? In that case, you may want to take a look at Pinnacle Studio 19, whose broad array of features and low price make it an ideal candidate for the beginner looking to delve a bit more deeply into the art of video editing and creation.

Summery: Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

  • Pinnacle Studio 20
  • Camtasia Studio 8
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • AVS Video Editor
  • Corel VideoStudio

Which form of video editing software for beginners you choose depends on what you need from the software. If you’re just getting started, the free Windows Movie Maker and easily accessible Bootstrap Video Wizard make for excellent tools to show you the ropes of video editing and help you develop your own unique workflow.

From there, you can decide which area of video editing you want to specialize in, and choose the software you graduate to accordingly. If you’re interested in working with traditional video editing – trimming and splicing video that you’ve already shot with a camera – Pinnacle Studio 19 will likely be the better choice, as its full set of features and relatively low price can easily recommend it for most traditional video editing tasks.

If you’re looking to record your computer screen, however, be it for video game videos or tutorial videos, the specific feature set of Camtasia Studio will be a no-brainer – its powerful capture and editing tools are geared directly toward these uses and will give you a serious leg up in the video creation and editing process.

No matter which video editing software for beginners you choose, prepare yourself for the exciting expression of creativity that comes with creating and editing your own videos. You’ll soon find the habit a difficult one to stop, but one that manages to be as fulfilling as it is fun – seeing your own videos online and sharing them with friends and family is a delightful part of the process.

Whether you focus on traditional video editing or the unique varieties that have popped up to go along with the digital age, you’ll be able to find software and tutorials to suit your needs. Do your research, jump in, and get started – there’s no better way to start your new life creating and editing your own videos!

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    Thank you so much for this post. I was ready to pull the trigger on Adobe Premiere Elements but definitely going to try the free Windows movie maker first. PC Mag rated Adobe Premiere Elements as one of the best for 2017 but I’m sure it comes with a huge learning curve. What are your thoughts as far as how this compares to the others you listed here in this post?

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