Top 7 tips on how to shoot better videos with your iPhone
08 Oct 2019

Top 7 Tips on How to Shoot Better Videos With Your iPhone

The iPhone can be used for shooting amazing full HD videos, it can take great stills and it can easily fit in your back pocket. Everyone can become an amateur videographer with this little but powerful device. So if you are on budget and want to take shoots that look

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06 Jan 2016

How to Make and Edit Vine Videos

Why create hours of videos when you can tell so much in just six seconds? Share life experiences or capture hilarious and funny moments, and you can have them on Vine, one popular video sharing platform that has changed how we look at videos itself. Since its launch in 2013,

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15 Dec 2015

Android Editing with Adobe Premier Clip

While Adobe’s Flash didn’t have great luck on mobile devices (particularly those of the Apple variety), the company dominates a large portion of the productivity app scene. Upon browsing the top productivity apps on both the App Store and Google Play, you’ll notice the Adobe name popping up again and

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22 Sep 2015

Best Video Converter for Ipad

So what is the Best Video Converter for Ipad? If you need to convert videos to one of the popular Ipad formats Aiseesoft is the way to go. Enhance Video for Ipad Conversion   The internet has truly connected the world. No place is this better seen, than in the

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18 Sep 2015

11 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram

When it comes to creating videos for your social network, your goal should always be to create some genuine, fun, and imaginative. With Instagram, that statement is even more accurate. With the addition of video, Instagram has become the go-to place for visual storytelling. Instagram is a place where people

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11 Sep 2015

5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPad

Now that it’s so easy to make videos, everyone is doing it. However, making videos that are actually watchable – well, that’s a whole different story. Whether you want family to see what your adorable children are doing, or you are trying to put video masterpieces on YouTube in the

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