Android Editing with Adobe Premier Clip

While Adobe’s Flash didn’t have great luck on mobile devices (particularly those of the Apple variety), the company dominates a large portion of the productivity app scene. Upon browsing the top productivity apps on both the App Store and Google Play, you’ll notice the Adobe name popping up again and again. To the mobile community, Adobe is well known for their line of Creative Cloud apps, aimed at giving serious technology users a hint of android-adobe-clipconvenience and added productivity on the go.

Recently; however, Adobe has added a new contender to their arsenal of productivity apps – Premier Clip (also known as Adobe Clip). The app has been around for iOS for some time now, though we just saw its Android premier. With Premier Clip, users are given the ability to create social media-worthy videos with a couple of screen presses. Premier Clip automatically creates videos out of the media on your smartphone (at your own discretion, of coarse) with the main goal being creating a video worthy of sharing online.

Premier Clip also works well in conjunction with Adobe’s PC application, Adobe Premier Pro CC. While the Pro CC version does require a subscription, it allows owners of its mobile counterpart to seamlessly transfer videos on their mobile deice to their PC for further editing. While Adobe Premier Pro CC isn’t necessary to make use of their mobile app, it certainly gives users more functions to tinker with, further increasing the quality of the videos they choose to share on social media platforms.

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