11 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram

When it comes to creating videos for your social network, your goal should always be to create some genuine, fun, and imaginative. With Instagram, that statement is even more accurate.

With the addition of video, Instagram has become the go-to place for visual storytelling. Instagram is a place where people share their life experiences through creativity. Make sure that you are showing videos that you can be proud of. Bring your videos to life through the best video editing apps available. Never settle for less.

#1: Cinefy

Cinefy means business! This app is extremely powerful, boasting over 100 special effects and animations that allow you to produce the perfect video. Of course, you still get the normal features like the ability to shoot, produce, and direct your own video from within the app. Cinefy puts the power of desktop video editing software right at your fingertips.

Do you want to have a T-Rex chasing you? Not a problem! Do you want an X-Wing Starfighter in the background? You can do that too! The only limit to Cinefy is your imagination.

#2: Game Your Video

So you have a new video but is it groovy? Game Your Video makes it easy to add groovy effects including wild motion effects, audio transformations, reverse, cut & join, and even split screen. Heck, you can even play more than one video at the same time! These transformations are sure to turn any video into a wild and wacky experience.



This fun app lets you choose from a trio of capture resolutions. If you have a dull video that you are embarrassed to show off to your friends, then you can simply add effects while the video is playing. If you’re worried that your viewers won’t get the message, then put it in writing with awesome captioning tools.

#3: Viddy

This app is perfect for users who don’t have a lot of video editing experience. Viddy has a simple layout for those who don’t have the time to learn all of the complex controls of more complicated video editing apps. You can simply point and tap, making it easy to create a video you will proud to show off on Instagram.



The only downside to Viddy is that your video output is limited to just 30 seconds. However, that’s plenty of time for Instagram users. Viddy allows you to add advanced features like music and custom filters without having to be a video editing guru.

#4: YouTube Capture

Capture is designed for YouTube but you can still use this video editing app to share videos on Instagram. This app has several interesting features and it’s easy to use. These features include image stabilizers, soundtracks that can easily be embedded into videos, and even a friendly reminder to rotate your phone during filming.

Overall, YouTube Capture is the perfect app for those who don’t have a lot of video editing experience. However, it does not contain some of the more powerful features that more advanced video editing apps boast.

#5: Magisto

Magisto is another perfect video editing app for beginners due to its simple design. This app gives you the ability to alter audio and video after the video has been created. Like Viddy, Magisto limits the length of video that you can create.

Magisto includes a subscription service that unlocks other powerful features like unlimited cloud storage and the ability to create longer videos.

#6: Cute Cut

If you are used to desktop video editing software then Cute Cut might be the perfect choice for your mobile video editing needs. It has the same feel as desktop software, along with pop-ups that guide beginners through its features.

Cute cut includes pre-made transitions than can be easily inserted into your video, as well as the ability to place an additional video clip inside of the video you’re editing.

#7: Montaj

Montaj follows the traditional philosophy that less is more. This app gives you the ability to import an original video montage, insert musical soundtracks, and easily add clips to a storyboard. Adding a logo or watermark is also easy. The catch? You can only compile six-second clips.

One of the fun aspects of Montaj is that when you add clips to the storyboard, you shake the phone to arrange them. If you don’t like the order, then simply shake the phone again. It’s perfect for those who are inspired to share a video on Instagram but don’t want to actually go through the entire video editing process.

#8: Replay

The Replay app is designed specifically for Instagram. It comes equipped with plenty of powerful editing tools and awesome filters that are designed for use with Instagram. You can either select video clips to edit from your sources or record a video right from the app.

The downside is that Replay puts a watermark on free videos. Purchasing the app is the only way to remove this watermark.

#9: Socialcam

Socialcam is another app designed for Instagram. You can add filters and easily share videos onto your favorite social networks from within the app. However, Socialcam also gives you the ability to watch videos uploaded by other users.

Socialcam has the ability to record videos in 720p HD while also color-correcting videos while you record them.

#10: Lapse It

Creating a great time lapse video takes a lot of careful planning and requires you to find the perfect location – unless you are using this awesome video editing app. Lapse greatly reduces the time it takes to create a time lapse video by shooting a steady stream of photos and then splices those photos together. Once completed, it renders the video in mere seconds.

#11: Horizon

If you have a fast-moving event that you’re trying to capture in real time, it’s next to impossible to think in that moment. That’s why you see so many awesome videos online recorded vertically instead of horizontally. Horizon fixes that issue by allowing you to edit a video from that annoying vertical orientation into a much more eye-friendly horizontal orientation. Alone, this feature is powerful but that’s not all Horizon does.

This fun app also gives you the ability to add filters, share videos, change the aspect ratio, and even shoot videos in different resolutions.

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

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  1. Linda Williams
    April 27, 2016 at 9:27 am — Reply

    I really like Cinefy for the range of effects and filters it provides.
    I also have installed VideoSound on my iPhone for creating slideshows.
    It’s lesser known, but worth checking out:

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