5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPad

Now that it’s so easy to make videos, everyone is doing it. However, making videos that are actually watchable – well, that’s a whole different story. Whether you want family to see what your adorable children are doing, or you are trying to put video masterpieces on YouTube in the hope they will go viral, your videos are going to need to be edited.

While it is certainly possible to edit videos on the phone you used to make them, the small screen can make that a very frustrating endeavor. It’s so much easier to edit videos on a larger screen, and fortunately, there are plenty apps to help you do that on an iPad.Here are 5 that you will want to consider.

1. iMovie


A good place to start is iMovie. Owners of older iPad versions will have to pay for the app, but it can be downloaded for free onto the newer models. But don’t think free means it’s not as good as paid apps. iMovie is a full featured video editor. You are able to go from adding a logo in iMovie to editing full length videos.

Since it is created by Apple, iMovie has a bit of an advantage over some of the other video editing apps. Of the professional video editing apps for iOS devices which support AirPlay, iMovie is one of the most powerful and effective. This means that you can share videos with your contacts using Mail and Messages, as well as using AirDrop. You can also share your videos with the public at large, directly publishing them to YouTube, Facebood and Vimeo.

It is very easy to splice footage together after you’ve shot it using an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, but it can do so much more than that. There are movie trailer themes and TV style templates, you can add voiceovers, titles and music to your videos, and even insert still photos.

And of course, since it was created by Apple for Apple products, the app and devices are meant to work together seamlessly. There should be no unwanted system glitches. iMovie is the app all iPad owners will want to compare others to.

2. Pinnacle Studio 18pinnacle-for-ipad

While iMovie is both a powerful product, yet easy to use, it is still meant for more casual users. If you are already beyond that point, or outgrow it, you will want to take a look at Pinnacle Studio. This app has been around a long time, starting with a desktop version way back in the 90s.

With this app, you can add much more complex transitions between scenes, and even some quite professional looking picture in picture effects – although some of these are in-app purchases. You will also have a bit more control over the placing of captions and titles.

Additionally, Pinnacle Studio will allow you to use imports. The rendering can take a while, though, so you will maybe want to set it up to run while you go out to lunch or something.

3. Videolicious

Videolicious is another video editing app with an easy learning curve. Not only will you be able to edit your videos quickly and almost effortlessly, you will also be able to combine photos, videos, stories and music into a movie.videolicious-ipad

Videolicious is a very powerful video app, but the User Interface is so easy to navigate that you will be able to edit your videos on an iPad without much difficulty. iPad users who aren’t very familiar with the video editing process will want to look at this app, in addition to iMovie.

4. Vizzywig

Another video editing app that is very easy to use, but still very powerful, is Vizzywig. It really has all the features you could ask for in a professional video editing app that can be


used on a mobile device, yet there still isn’t very much to learn before using it.

For those who would like real professional looking results, Vizzywig is definitely worth considering.

5. Magisto

Another app that lets you edit videos then share them instantly is Magisto, but it offers much more, as well. This is actually one of the best free professional video editing programs in the app store. It does have in-app purchases, though, so you may end up having to spend a bit to get everything that you want.

magisto-mobile-appSince Magisto is a professional grade video editing app, it has a full list of features. Not only can you trim and edit videos, with the transitions and filters that you would expect to find in a program of this caliber, it also offers more complex features such as facial recognition detection, collaboration, video camera stabilization and more.

Most iPad users will find one of these video editing apps will meet their needs satisfactorily.


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