How to Make and Edit Vine Videos

Why create hours of videos when you can tell so much in just six seconds? Share life experiences or capture hilarious and funny moments, and you can have them on Vine, one popular video sharing platform that has changed how we look at videos itself.


Since its launch in 2013, Vine has successfully acquired over 200 million users and stand a serious challenge to the other such networks. Users can record short (6 second) videos and share them on their account and also to other social networks. This is a place you showcase your skills or share glimpse of your life with friends.


If you are a beginner, you might find it a bit formidable. Don’t you worry, here are some tips and guidelines to help you with this application and use it as a creative tool.


It’s easy to download and login to your account. Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS, you can download and signup using your twitter or email account. Once it is done, you can add friends and follow them.


How to make a Vine Video?

You can record the video by simply pressing the camera icon in the top right corner. Now here’s the catch, you can continue recording until you press the button, once your finger is off the button, the recording pauses. This will help you to upload video to Vine.


You might be disappointed with this, but the app doesn’t allow you to upload pre-recorded videos. However, that’s what make it special, share your moments and live it with your friends and the same moment. Your uncut Vine videos video duration can vary between 3-6 seconds.


Some additional Vine functionalities

There are some tools available to improve your videos and provide some additional functionality. The grid might help you in stabilizing and positioning. The save draft button allows users to save and work on 10 videos simultaneously.edit-vine-video-app


The most impressive function is the “ghosting” tool. It can help you create some beautiful stop motion videos. All you need to do is pause the video recording. Select the tool and this will allow you to view the last captured frame. Now moving and realigning objects just got simple. With some practice you can create some impressive fluid transitions.


Editing and preview a Vine

Once you have completed the recording, simply press the arrow in the top right corner. This will generate a preview of your recording.


If you feel that the work needs a touch-up, you can edit the videos by drag and drop. In the preview mode, press the “edit” button and tad-da, editor is there for you. Rearrange the clips you want, simply drag and reorder. Maybe there are pieces you wish to remove, drag those frames to the trash bin on the top of the screen.


Saving your Vine

Satisfied with your work, go on save and share it with your followers. Press the “save” button on the screen and then the ‘green checkmark’ to confirm. Once it is saved, you will be redirected to the “share” screen. Add captions, share location or tag your channel, all you want to the video. Why keep it limited, share it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. You might also save these videos to your desktop using the URL and embed code.


Some tips and tricks to enhance Vine recordings

  1. For sound clarity, it is recommended to use mic or good quality headphones. Or maybe choosing a calm surround to avoid noise disturbances.
  2. If you are looking forward to record a stable video or creating a stop-motion, maybe using a tripod or holder is a nice option, this will avoid the auto focus or blur of the images.
  3. Follow users and learn interesting ways to improve your recording and stand out. The community reveals the secrets.
  4. You can use it as a great promotional tool to spread your ideas or share your skills with others. Glimpse of your works can make you a popular icon.
  5. Auto record by holding down your fingers. Swipe from left to right below the frame, and let Vine auto record things for you.
  6. All you need to unsend is to swipe left to right on the Upload bar. This will delete the upload before it gets posted. You can even click the “..” button that is located on the bottom right corner when you open Vine, to delete it.
  7. Use on of our best video editing for beginners picks to make your Vines stand out
  8. You can even post videos as short as three seconds!
  9. You can even touch the positive end of a battery to the screen to shoot from afar.
  10. You can tap Vine to pause and play again, as you want.
  11. You can put your phone on a tripod or hold the phone still to prevent auto adjusting focus.


These simple tips will help you to shoot a Vine video like no other!

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