What to Look for Professional Video Editing Services

In the past, video editing has typically been associated with film production, TV, broadcasting and other similar industries. However, thanks to the advancement of technology and media, everyone can now film their own adventures. But unless you’ve recruited a professional videographer or mastered the best video editing software, amateur videos can still look subpar.

This is why many people enlist the services of a professional video editor in order to get perfect results for their project. But how do you know what to look for in a video editing service, to make sure you get the best quality at the best price?

Understanding What a Video Editor Does

Video can be used effectively for so many different purposes, such as corporate marketing, client testimonials, real estate, training videos, documentaries, event advertising, wedding videos, and other kinds of personal footage. With all the different options video can be used for, it’s best to find a professional to assist you.

But to choose widely, first you must understand what it is that a video editor actually does. Film editing is much trickier than most people realize, even for footage that is only a few minutes long. It can be quite an expensive service, but it’s important not to choose the cheapest option because if you do, you’ll risk a result that is disappointing and lacks quality.

A professional video editor can do many different things, but the main purpose is to tell your story through footage, sound and graphics. Depending on their specialty, they might work with storyboards, scripts and actors, or they might be more involved in the production and end result of the video. They’re also in charge of ensuring the video is fit for the right purpose and platform, that it has the right graphics and animations, and any sound effects, background music and sound bites.

A great video editor might be expensive, but they’re worth it. They’ll view your footage and take the best pieces out of that to maximize the result of the final video, in accordance with what you’ve requested. Depending on what they’re editing, a video editor might sit down with the client and discuss their goals to make sure they know what angle to take with the footage. A professional video editor will understand the importance of a clean final edit, whether it’s for marketing, branding, film or TV, or personal.

What Skills Does a Video Editor Need?

Plenty. First, they should be a natural storyteller. They have to be able to envision the final result, and be able to figure out how to get there by taking the raw footage and making the necessary cuts and edits. They also must have knowledge of all the editing tools and software available on the market these days, like Adobe’s Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut. They should have great attention to detail, visual awareness, a good sense of timing, and adequate IT skills. Patience and concentration are also very useful qualities.

But if you have a particular kind of video you’d like edited, it’s best to find someone who has to skills to cater exactly to your specific needs. There are many different reasons you might need a video editor, and narrowing it down will help you choose the best professional, because there’s no point getting your wedding video touched up by someone who specializes in documentary film editing. While they’ll still no doubt make it look good, they might not necessarily edit it the right way to ensure a perfect result for that specific purpose.

A lot of editing services will cover general footage, like holiday, birthday and other personal videos, but if you’ve got a corporate video that needs to be edited, it’s best to find a specialist. Someone who specializes in such a niche field will not only have an expanse of knowledge about how best to edit your footage, even if it’s shot via an iPhone. they’ll also have a basic idea of the marketing, branding and creative direction necessary to create really impressive business videos.

The Video Editing Process

So, once you’ve chosen your video editor, what can you expect to happen next? Well, the editor will have a look at the raw footage you’ve given them. Then, they’ll start combining various parts of the video, cutting or transitioning other parts, adjusting the levels of audio to make sure the sound comes across loud and clear, as well as standardize the formatting, sequence shots, remove any unwanted scenes and merge videos together.

They might also add text, headlines, subtitles, special effects, creative transitions, animations and other aspects that create a rich video. And if you require certain additional effects, like enhancement, high definition, color adjustments or 2D/3D effects, it’s best to discuss that prior to choosing your editor to ensure they can provide that service.

The editing process can be complex, especially if the video is large or the client has intricate requests, so don’t expect it to be done overnight (and if it is done overnight, it might not be the best quality!). A video editor might source appropriate music for the edit if it’s required, so you can either supply your own or allow them to use something from their stock library. It’s also important to make sure no copyright laws are being broken if you choose to use music, especially if your project is for YouTube. In most cases, a professional video editor will know the proper legislation to ensure it’s all above board.

Value Added Services

Many film and video editors also offer other services too, such as the transferring of old camcorder and VHS tapes to newer forms of media, whether it’s onto DVD or digital. This has proven very popular among those who want to update their home videos to match technology as it evolves, rather than risk losing precious memories. It can also be useful in a commercial context for companies who have been in business for several decades. Often times great video footage (that’s not digital) can provide digitized and converted to meet today’s standards.

Such video transfer services can also be helpful if you’ve got some footage you’d like implemented into a new project. A savvy video editor will be able to not only transfer it into a newer format, but cut it into another piece of footage. Additionally, some video editors will provide options in delivering a final product. While this is contingent on the type of project (i.e. personal, commercial, or online), certain customers might want their work on DVD, CD, USB, or saved in a shared folder like Dropbox. Such value added services can go a long way in ensuring your video content is accessible.

Recruit the Right Video Editor

When you’re getting a quote from a professional editing service, don’t forget to ask to see their show-reel. This is an example of footage they’ve edited for previous clients, and acts as their portfolio. It’s a great way to see the quality and result you can expect, and what’s more, if they aren’t able to show you any previous work, that can be taken as a red flag to avoid using them entirely. Regardless of what you need edited, by thinking about what you’d like to see from your footage and conducting some careful research, you’ll be able to find a quality video editing service.

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