Video Cutter and Joiner

A good video cutter and joiner is no longer so hard to find, thanks to the rise of several good companies that produce reliable and useful video editing products. These types of video editing programs are true timesavers. This is because they can generally complete their jobs with greater efficiency than general video design and creation products. Video editing programs are typically faster and simpler to utilize for any of several basic yet important editing tasks for videos including:

• Cutting
• Joining
• Trimming

What is Video Cutting?

Video cutting is a critical editing task that is also known as splitting. Splitting a video usually involves cutting it down into smaller parts. The goal is to copy certain scenes or to post it up on the Internet to a program such as YouTube. Every one of these split files may be played back.

What is Video Joining?

Video joining is simply merging together various video files. It can only really be done if the video files come in a closely related format, with similar bitrate, resolution, etc. A joiner can put back together a longer video that is being downloaded in smaller, bite-sized pieces and in practically no time at all.

What is Video Trimming?

Video trimming is about cutting and removing unwanted parts or sections of videos, much like editing. Television commercials would be a good example of footage that viewers wanted removed from a video.

The Best Software Programs for Video Cutting and Joining

There are a number of video editing software programs available on the market at various prices. The most expensive is not always the best one in the case of video cutting and joining. Four different ones are considered here, including:

• Video Wizard
• Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate 9
• Camtasia Video Editing Software
• Go Animate

Video Wizard

One of the mainstay video converters on the market is Video Wizard. This common and widely-known video converter has as a main pro that it was created for beginners in the video video-wizardproduction and editing universe. This is also its greatest con. Its advantages include:

• A great range of video formats are supported
• Anyone can use it because of its simplicity
• The wizard interface takes users step by step through the conversion process
• Many video files can be added to the conversion list at a time
• The conversion process is fast

Users do complain about some of its faults:

• Video formats are arranged and categorized in a disorganized manner
• The software does not give examples of video formats from which users can pick
• The software offers few tutorials and needed settings, proof it is intended solely for video production newbie’s.

The program is a good fit for those new to video converting and editing who have limited knowledge of and experience with computers. For masters of video editing, it is too simple and limited in its cutting and joining capabilities, among other features.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate 9

aiseesoft-video-cutterOn the other end of the video cutting and joining spectrum is Aiseesoft’s Video Converter. Their latest edition is the Video Converter Ultimate 9. The past editions of this converter have performed quite well in the last few years. Over half a million individuals count on it for downloading and converting their best-loved videos. This latest incarnation of Aiseesoft’s trustworthy product improves and changes up functions to meet a variety of different requirements.

Among its advantages are that it:

• Efficiently and easily joins videos
• Quickly converts videos
• Is always updated by the developer Aiseesoft
• Does more than convert videos – video editing and 3D converting included
• Supports a wide range of both video and audio editing and converting tasks

Besides this, the software is ridiculously inexpensive. With a legion of fans and solid customer support standing behind it, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate 9 is an excellent product for a wide range of video editing, cutting, and joining projects.

Camtasia Video Editing Software


Camtasia is a computer screen video recording software suite. It is generally considered to be the name brand and go-to program for producing videos based on what a computer screen shows. As such, it excels at this. Among its helpful features, it:

• Automatically figures out the most superior way to record either part of all of the computer screen using the settings that the individual selects for output video
• Includes many different recording options preset for both output and input
• Permits a user to operate these preset recording options as is or to customize them
• Allows individuals to narrate their videos as recording them, either from a microphone, using system audio with mouse, or from a webcam microphone
• Comes with hundreds of features and many extensions
• Is easy to utilize and bring videos to life
• Completely integrates audio and video in the editing suite

There are some downsides to the program, though they are few:

• Some video codes do not work for the Linux operating system
• Camtasia Studio video editing lacks some features that dedicated video editors possess

All this is to say that for video cutting and joining, this may not be the very best choice on the market. For recording both videos and accompanying audio from a computer screen, the task it was designed and intended for, it has no rivals.

Go Animate


Go Animate is touted as so simple that anyone can use it. This and its inexpensive price are two huge advantages that the program possesses over some rivals on the market. Other pros include:

• Go Animate saves time because it is so intuitive to use
• The video editor automatically copies previous scenes and attaches them after additional scenes are completed
• The video editor flows naturally, asking users to first set the background, next characters, then actions, and finally any text and props
• It adapts easily to either a novice or professional user

The rookies are taught through the content library and the one step at a time process. Professionals will enjoy being able to import as many sounds, props, images, and backgrounds as they wish or having the versatility provided by the included content library.

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