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02 Dec 2019

VR the Next Video Editing Frontier

VR video editing is the Inception of video editing techniques. Adobe has showcased new tools and software to edit 360 VR footage within VR itself. Live on stage at their annual ‘MAX’ event last week to demonstrate their prototype in-VR editor for Premiere, ‘CloverVR’. The biggest innovation is to be

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Top 7 tips on how to shoot better videos with your iPhone
08 Oct 2019

Top 7 Tips on How to Shoot Better Videos With Your iPhone

The iPhone can be used for shooting amazing full HD videos, it can take great stills and it can easily fit in your back pocket. Everyone can become an amateur videographer with this little but powerful device. So if you are on budget and want to take shoots that look

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24 May 2019

7 Best Open Source Video Editors

Everyone can shoot a good video, just to say the least. Videos are an everyday phenomenon in the modern world, considering the number of events that are quite memorable and one would like to keep a copy of the event for themselves. Your camera will only get you remarkable video

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