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26 Oct 2015

3 Quick Checks Before Launching a YouTube Video

Getting the desired attention for your videos on YouTube can be challenging at times. However, this should be a piece of cake for you if you adhere to the following three essential tips: Branding Branding is an essential marketing tool for business and it is not any different when it

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26 Oct 2015

Twixtor: How to Create Slow Motion Videos

While Twixtor may not be able to produce the same results as a dedicated high speed camera, they still do an incredible job. Twixtor is even compatible with Go Pro footage! You will need a lot of light to make them work, which is also important when trying to get

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20 Oct 2015

Windows Movie Maker mp4 Codec

Do you use Windows Movie Maker and need help with the Windows Movie Maker mp4 Codec? Editing Insider gives the detailed guide on how to fix the mp4 codec. Windows movie maker supports various video file formats, but it depends on what version of the program you are using. The

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