screenflow-review 95%
25 Feb 2016

Screenflow Review

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Even a short video can be composed of thousands of pictures. Because of this, it is no surprise that more people each day are turning to video production to disseminate information. The Mac has long been a favorite of amateur video

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cyberlink-power2go-review 85%
16 Nov 2015

CyberLink Power2Go Review

If you’re in the market for disc authoring software that si easy to use while also offering a suite of tools and options without breaking the bank, CyberLink Power2Go may be the right product for you. With support for the latest in media formats of all kinds, the flexibility to

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wideo-review 90%
09 Nov 2015 Review

When we decided to add video to our content marketing mix, we searched for an animated video editing software that was easy to learn, but flexible enough to produce custom and professional-quality video. Official Website: As a content writer with no real video editing experience, I was stunned to

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Go-Animate 95%
28 Sep 2015

GoAnimate Review

As a blogger I often search for exciting new ways to add value to my content without breaking the bank. It’s not as easy as it sounds. My clients and readers expect me to deliver great content and associated products at reasonable prices. Too many times I come across great

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camtasia-studio-review 85%
21 Sep 2015

Camtasia Studio Review

Let’s face it, when looking for screen capturing software then the sheer number of available options can be overwhelming. Camtasia is believed to be one of the best so we’re going to dive deeper into its features to determine if that belief is true. Boasting powerful features like mouse capture,

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pinnacle-studio-review 90%
01 Sep 2015

Pinnacle Studio 19 & 20 Review

Official Website: Video editing software is improving all the time, and Pinnacle Studio 19 represents many of the newest advancements in this technology. People today are living in an age in which everyone’s phone has a camera that is going to create better videos than professionals could twenty years

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