Camtasia Studio Review

Let’s face it, when looking for screen capturing software then the sheer number of available options can be overwhelming.

Camtasia is believed to be one of the best so we’re going to dive deeper into its features to determine if that belief is true. Boasting powerful features like mouse capture, automatic zoom, and an easy-to-navigate interface, Camtasia certainly appears to be the undisputed King.






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The Best of What Camtasia Studio Has to Offer

Like most software suites in today’s world, Camtasia comes loaded with features. You probably won’t even use some of these features. So let’s just focus on the best of what Camtasia has to offer.


Camtasia Studio Recorder

The first feature to look at is the act of recording the computer screen. After all, it’s the main purpose of the program. The end result should always be a clear video that shows everything you did on the computer while recording. Does Camtasia deliver?

Absolutely! However, the resolution of your final video is limited by the resolution of your computer screen. This is a common complaint that is often vented at the Camtasia software itself when the real issue is limitations with the user’s computer. The truth is that all software is limited by the computer it’s being run on so this isn’t a problem.

One of the wonderful features of Camtasia is that it will automatically determine the best way to record your screen (or part of it) based on the setting that you choose for the output video. It provides a lot of different preset recording options for both input and output. These preset options can be used right out of the box or they can be customized to meet your needs.

Finally, Camtasia allows users to narrate their videos while recording. There are three choices here: record from the system audio (mouse clicks), record from the mic, or record from a webcam.

Overall Performance


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  • Fully integrated video and audio editing suite
  • Loaded with extensions and 100s of features
  • Smart Focus makes bringing your videos to life easy


  • Certain video codecs are not supported for Linux OS

Camtasia Editing Software Review

What happens to those videos once they are recorded? They go to Camtasia Studio, which is the program’s video editing feature. Studio is right up there with other video editing programs but probably lacks a few of the features that brand name video editors have.


Still, Camtasia is designed to record and edit on-screen videos. From that perspective, Camtasia Studio does its job perfectly.

Camtasia Audio

Most consumers who are looking at a new product tend to always ask about the audio features. Camtasia doesn’t really offer anything extra-special in this category but again, I must remind you that its intended use is to record screen capture videos. Therefore, its audio options are more than enough to meet this need.

Syncing with Camtasia Studio

This is one of the features that gives Camtasia an edge over its competition. Unlike these other programs, this program allows users to sync videos to most handheld or mobile devices. That makes importing videos a breeze!


Speech to Text

The speech to text recognition software that comes pre-installed on Windows is incorporated into Camtasia. This gives users the ability to add subtitles to videos without having to manually type every word. All a user has to do is set up their Windows voice recognition software to use this feature.

All Editing Tracks are Treated the Same in Camtasia

Camtasia Studio creates different tracks but they are all treated in the same way. What I mean by this is that users are not forced to designate one track for audio and another for video. This makes it really easy to use this software. This is a really handy feature for more complex videos because it allows users to simply drag tracks to the top to work on them. Then they can simply drag those tracks back to their normal position when finished.

Green Screen

Camtasia has an awesome green screen module. In fact, it’s right up there with the best video editing programs. It offers full control over the process and gives users a chance to easily fix videos that might not have been created in the best quality.


Screen caption videos are generally used to create “how-to” videos so having control of the Callouts feature is of the utmost importance. For those who might not know, callouts are text boxes or arrows that are seen in videos. They are used to add emphasis to particular areas of the screen.

Smart Focus

This is another feature that is extremely useful when creating “how-to” videos. Smart focus automatically detects the movement of the mouse and then zooms in when the mouse is clicked. It’s designed to make sure that everything the user is doing on the screen is clearly visible. Naturally, users can do this manually but smart focus works exceptionally well.


Help & Support

Camtasia’s help desk is designed for both professionals and newcomers, so all users can expect a high quality experience. The support area is teeming with tutorials that show you how to navigate basic and advanced features. If a simple video is not enough to answer your questions, then you can post on the forum or drop TechSmith a friendly email. If the problem needs a quick resolution then you can even call TechSmith.

Camtasia Studio Review: The Bottom Line

Camtasia is seen as the best program on the market for screen recording. It’s hard to argue that point. Looking closely at the features available only confirms that no other program is able to match Camtasia. If you are more heavy on some advanced editing feature Pinnacle Studio 20  is also a great option.

The program itself is intuitive and designed in a way that makes it very simple to use. A beginners can pick up this program and start recording their first video within an hour. It’s really that simple. What makes Camtasia top-of-the-line is that quality is not sacrificed for simplicity. It provides the absolute best possible recording based on what the user wants to do with the video.

Camtasia Studio is a good enough editor and works perfect with screen capturing videos. However, if you are looking for more complex video editing (adding explosions, special effects, etc.) then I’m sure there are better programs on the market. For the purpose of creating high-quality screen capture videos, Camtasia Studio does its job.

Camtasia’s other features provide a level of control over videos that other screen capturing software does not. The ability to automatically zoom, insert callouts, and captioning are huge when dealing with “how-to” videos.

If you are looking for the best screen capturing software on the market, then look no further than Camtasia.

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Editor's Rating

Video Editing Software Score 85%
Camtasia Studio is seen as the greatest programs on the market for screen recording. It’s hard to argue against Camtasia. No Software is able to match the accessibility and ease of use that Camtasia offers.

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