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If you’re in the market for disc authoring software that si easy to use while also offering a suite of tools and options without breaking the bank, CyberLink Power2Go may be the right product for you. With support for the latest in media formats of all kinds, the flexibility to create backup and system recovery discs, and advanced encryption technology to secure your personal data, Power2Go looks to be the ideal package. But how does it stand up to closer scrutiny?


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CyberLink makes a lot of promises, but fortunately it delivers on the vast majority of them. We ran the software through its paces on a number of typical projects, and here is a quick look cyberlink-power2go-10at the results:


  • Easy to use
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Supports burning movies, music, photo discs, and mixed media discs
  • Fully supports popular video and audio codec types
  • Can download media from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr


  • App needs significant amount of space for some tasks, up to 25 GB for Blu-ray projects
  • Responsiveness can be slow at times

Most projects completed their burning time with optimal CPU and memory usage and within a reasonable time, especially on the lowest burning speed. The results so far have been good, but here’s a closer look at the software before we give our final verdict.



The program is available in a 15-day trial version, which will give you full access to every feature of the software suite. If you decide to keep it, you can then purchase the full program for $69.95.

Initial installation and setup can take a little time, but it doesn’t require much effort on your part. A few basic questions and the program will take over from there. You do need to have Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer on your computer for the app suite to fully work.


In this CyberLink Power2Go Review, there needed to be a very clear breakdown of what the limitations and restrictions were of the software. Older versions of the program have been guilty of being a little behind the latest in modern disc authoring software, so we wanted to make sure that wouldn’t be the case here.

Video Discs

The fact that this software supports so many current and older formats of video disc is very impressive, and this includes VCD and DVD-Video. Because the software also supports Blu-ray discs, you’re able to create full HD projects.


The interface while creating your video discs is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to create disc menus, change encoding format, quality, audio channels, and TV format.

Data Discs

Standard support for CD and DVD format is included, as well as the latest in support for writable Blu-ray media. However, the one supported format that piqued our interest was compatibility with BDXL, which allows up to 128 GB of storage across 4 layers on a single Blu-ray disc.

Music Discs

The audio options are fairly standard but also as versatile as you need them to be. Including standard Audio CD, WMA CD and DVD, as well as MP3 CD and DVD formats to allow compatibility with practically any disc device depending on your music capacity needs.

Photo Gallery Discs

Though social media has changed how we share our photos with friends and family, you can use any format of disc to create a beautiful keepsake of your photos that can be used on any compatible player.


Photo Gallery discs make great gifts or excellent ways to preserve and share your memories without having to click through a Facebook photo album.

Additional Disc Types

It’s more than just multimedia that is supported, and being able to create system recovery discs (exclusive to Platinum) and mixed media format (music and video such as CD Extra), it’s easy to see how this software could become your go-to program for any disc authoring needs.


One of the more impressive features offered is advanced encryption, and you can choose what areas of the disc will be secure and if they will offer 128 bit or 256 bit encryption. Like most features of the software, this can be very easily added to your project with just a few clicks.


CyberLink Power2Go also offers additional features that make disc creation incredibly easy and more versatile.power2go-windows-10

Desktop Gadget

This simple tool gives you critical burning ability without the extra features. It will allow you to grab a file from your desktop or any location on your computer and quickly burn it to a disc without the additional creation or customization menus.

Disc Image Viewer

Through this, you can mount and preview the contents of an .ISO image file before you burn it to a disc, even allowing you to edit the contents of the file such as removing or changing files and folders first.

Audio Ripping & Editing

This software fully supports ripping audio off of audio CDs in your collection for use in your projects in standard MP3, WMA, or WAV file formats. You can also utilize the included editor to customize the audio the way you want it before saving it.

Auto Power Off

In the event that you’re burning a large project, you can set the program to automatically shut down and power off your computer once the disc burning is complete, so you don’t have to stay awake just to babysit your computer.

Online Media Backup

Preserve any photos or videos stored across YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo and they can be stored directly to your hard drive or burned to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc.


The ability to access and keep this media is an extremely useful feature since it can be difficult to download these files from their respective sites once they’re uploaded.


Depending on the features you’re after, CyberLink offers Platinum and Deluxe versions of the program. Some features mentioned in this review are exclusive to the Platinum version, so here is a quick breakdown of what features those are:

Available on Power2Go Platinum ONLY:

  • Bonus Power Media Player mobile app
  • Backup Windows to System Recovery discs
  • Rip Audio CDs to lossless FLAC/APE formats
  • Burn Audio CDs from CUE files
  • Create DVDs with Dolby Audio
  • Create DVD video discs from FLV/MKV video files
  • Download free Menu Templates from

Power2Go Deluxe is available for $49.95, but still contains many of the core features of the Platinum version. If the need for more advanced audio and video importing is necessary, the additional cost may be worth it.


While this is a very easy program to use, in the event that you need support, CyberLink has a variety of support options for all facets of your purchase, setup, and use of the program.

  • Purchasing FAQs and Support Contact
  • Knowledge Base
  • Active forum for self-support and user assistance
  • Support ticketing system
  • Optional telephone support package

You can also download any necessary program updates, as well as language packs, user guides, and other useful items directly from the CyberLink website.


In this CyberLink Power2Go review, the one major point we wanted to evaluate was whether or not the program lived up to its promises as the easiest and most user-friendly burning software on the market. We’re happy to say that it delivers on that, in spades. The user interface is extremely friendly and responsive, the options are plentiful, and the wide support for audio and video formats gives you all the necessary tools to burn practically any form of media you want.


The additional creation tools that allow you to design interactive DVD menus and edit audio turn this program from a simple disc burning app to a comprehensive creative tool that gives you much more versatility than much of its competition. Despite a small amount of issues, we can’t recommend this software enough. Regardless of the version you choose, it’s well worth every penny.


Editor's Rating

Video Editing Software Score 85%
CyberLink Power2Go is just as easy to use as it promises, while delivering considerable features for its cost. You can try it for 15 days free, but it's the best option you'll have for disc burning software.

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