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When we decided to add video to our content marketing mix, we searched for an animated video editing software that was easy to learn, but flexible enough to produce custom and professional-quality video.

wideo review

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As a content writer with no real video editing experience, I was stunned to find what I could do with Wideo. In this review, I will break down Wideo’s features, what you can do with the software, and what makes it an essential platform for creating animated video on a budget.

Wideo in a nutshell

Wideo is web-based app for creating animated video and presentations.

Some of Wideo’s templates.


  • Easy to learn video editing tools & custom animation
  • Wide selection of audio, stylish templates, fonts and objects
  • Unlimited image and audio uploads, including a built-in Google Image Search
  • Interactive elements (clickable buttons & contact forms)
  • Video analytics
  • Free video hosting & unbranded player
  • Unlimited HD downloads and YouTube uploads for subscription plans
  • Awesome customer support
  • Discounts for educators and students
  • Special packages for teams



  • Limited audio editing tools
  • Is a web-app, so you need an Internet connection


Pricing: You can sign up and create video for free. With subscription plans starting at $59/month (or $228/year), you gain access to more object libraries, templates and get unlimited HD downloads. Find their full pricing here.


Creating a video with Wideo

Upon entering the editor you can tell that Wideo is much more than a video marketing solution that fits a small business budget. Here’s what makes it an ideal software for designers and non-designers.

wideo editor online

Professionally-designed templates

Wideo understands that their users need not only guidance and high usability, but also beautiful and custom results. They have a diverse template library for explainers, product demos, e-commerce video, business slideshow presentations, education, and special occasion, among others. The best part is that you can upload your own images, swap out the colors, and customize the fonts so that your finished project looks like a custom video rather than a template solution.


Wideo’s selection of standard animation effects.


I needed to create a short (5-second) video animation promoting our new blog article to post on Facebook, so I chose their “For Beginners” template. Above you can see the end result.


What I did:

I took out the scenes I didn’t need and built on the template by changing the fonts, applying a blue background to create different color scheme, and adding some shapes. Lastly, I gave each object an “In” animation by selecting one from Wideo’s standard animations.



Clean interface

Wideo’s clean—minimal, even—interface design contains a robust set of features. Libraries and advanced customization tools for every aspect of video editing are neatly organized and are a joy to navigate. Little things, such as being able to save and reuse an animation effect, save lots of editing time and add to a great user experience.


Easy animation & full creative control

It was important for us to have advanced animation tools that help take our video content to the next level. A major drawback of many DIY animation platforms is not being DIY enough. With Wideo, you don’t have that problem.


Wideo’s standout advantage has to be its combined creative freedom and ease of use. Their standard animation effects are designed to look professional, not cartoony. And if you want to create your own object or text animation, you do so by just clicking and dragging an object to define its motion path. The process is automatic and so intuitive that anyone can do it.


Upload your own content

All your uploaded images, backgrounds and audio are automatically stored and organized into folders inside the Wideo editor. This makes it so you can access your logo and other assets for brand consistency from all your videos.



Upload your own images , or find on using Google Image search.


Interactive, marketing-friendly video

Wideo provides its users with the ability to place interactive call to action buttons on Wideo-hosted videos, as well as measure their performance. This helps enable sales and improve any message you may communicate with your audience.


Free video hosting

You can work on your video projects wherever you have an internet connection without taking up hard drive space. That also means that you can embed Wideo-hosted videos on your website for free.

wideo review

The Wideo player is unbranded and has a clean design.


Automatically synced edits

Any any edits to make to a Wideo-hosted video will be automatically updated to wherever that video has been embedded or shared. That means you can make as many edits as you like without having to download the video and upload it each time.


Dedicated customer support

I had a question about uploading and editing audio in Wideo that I had to bring to their customer support team. Their extremely attentive and helpful support agents almost always have a solution, and if they don’t, they’ll do anything their in their power to provide an alternative.

Bottom line

Wideo offers an unbeatable package with far more possibilities than limitations. The best part of using Wideo is how easy it is to figure out and how much creative control it provides. Even beginners can quickly pick up the tool and develop their editing skills to an advanced level. This is an experience you can’t find in many other apps—and it’s what makes Wideo an essential platform for creating and sharing animated video on a budget.

Editor's Rating

Video Editing Software Score 90%
Wideo offers a great tool set for users looking to create videos online. Wideo gives you the usability that you want but also provides more than enough functionality to create the videos you want.


  1. Artemus Hobbit
    August 1, 2016 at 11:34 pm — Reply

    Wideo is way too expensive. I needed to make a one minute video for crowdfunding. They wanted to charge me over 200 dollars to get started. No way in hell.

    • Melissa Bennett
      February 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm — Reply

      I bet you couldn’t click on the “interactive” buttons either, huh? They charged me a year for something that I couldn’t use for that very feature. Then published a “workaround” and is trying to charge my card for another year. Run!!

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