10 Video Editing Tips for Windows 8

You may use a few different programs to edit videos on your Windows 8 computer, but you must use proper procedures as you edit each video. This article explains how Adobe, Sony and Pinnacle editing software can help you create beautiful videos. You will discover that several different methods that may be used when creating your videos in Windows 8.

Video editing software helps you create professional work on your computer, and you may begin a new hobby or career on your Windows 8 operating system.

#1 Video Editing Software for Windows 8

You may edit videos you have downloaded online, or you can edit videos that you created yourself. Videos you took yourself will be completely raw, and videos you download online may have some edited already completed. You must edit your videos in a style that you are happy with, and each program helps you create videos that can be used anywhere you like. You edit each video differently, and you will see professional results when you are done with your work.

#2 Can You Crop Your Video?


The videos you edit can be cropped to the proper length, and you can get rid of content that you will not use. You can cut out any part of the video you like, and the video will be condensed to a shorter format.

You should not do any other editing on your videos before cropping is done, and you can quickly get cropping out of the way. A process that once took hours can be done on your computer in just a few moments.

#3 Fade In And Out Videos in Windows 8

The cropped section of your video must fade in and out to mask the cropping that you have completed. A video that cuts from section to another looks choppy, but a video that fades in and out gracefully will look professional. There are several ways to fade in and out during a video, and your program will let you choose the fading style.

Adobe has created its own arsenal of fading products, Sony uses its own editing protocols and the Windows Movie Maker has a completely different menu for fades. You may choose the program that offers the best cropping and fading choices, and you can continue the editing process confidently.

#4 Altering Each Scene

The scenes in your videos can be edited to create a different look from scene to scene. There are filters you may use to change the quality of the film, or you may change the speed of the film to help convey your message.

Your computer helps you highlight the specific parts of the video that must be altered, and you can preview the results of your changes. You are not stuck with the changes you have made, and each program saves a copy of each version you create.

#5 Adding Extra Video

The videos you crop can be linked together to create on continuous reel. Movies and television shows are created in this manner, and you may bring together several small files into a larger file.

You may drag and drop your fragments into a new movie, and the movie will play continuously after you save. A long movie could last over an hour, but you can combine several small fragments of film that will make up your movie.

#6 Windows 8 and Adding Sound Effectspow-windows-8

You may record sound effects directly into your movies, or you may use the sound effects tab in the program. Sony has its own battery of sound effects you can use, Adobe provides its own sound effects, and standard sound effects in Windows Movie Maker allow you to spruce up your video. Effects you record yourself can be previewed in the movie itself, and you may rerecord the sound effects until you are pleased with the results.

#7 Adding A Soundtrack

Adding a soundtrack to your movies is a much more complicated process. You are playing music for several minutes at a time, and the movie software will help you play the music as it was intended.

Soundtracks will include several different songs, and you must edit the music in the same manner as the movie. Sound will fade in and out on the reel, and you can see the sounds play on their own line. Change the volume of the music at any time, and you will have a professional soundtrack that appears to have been recorded in a studio.

#8 Exporting Your Movies in Windows 8


You can export your movies in many formats, and the formats you use depend on their final destination. Creating small GIF files on your computer will help you post to social media, but larger files must take on a different file format. Check the location where you are posting your videos, and you can select a file format that works best for you.

#9 Importing Movies: Windows

You may import a complete movie, and the file format can be changed in your movie editor. Adobe, Windows and Sony software platforms allow you to change file formats without using a special service. You have many file types to choose from, and you will save time converting files.

The process takes just a few moments when you are using movie editing software.

#10 You Have A New Hobby!

You can use your computer at any time to edit movies, and you may use your videos for any purpose. Create commercials for your business that will be posted online, or edit your Vines before posting them to social media.

You can learn how to edit videos on your computer without taking a class, and you can create something that looks professional. Your small theater can create videos of your performances, or your business will have commercials to send to local TV outlets.

You may try Adobe, Sony and Window movie editing software to create anything you like. Long movies and short videos are easy to create from the comfort of your personal computer, and those videos may be posted anywhere. A simple video clip can turn into a movie instantly.

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