Windows Movie Maker mp4 Codec

Do you use Windows Movie Maker and need help with the Windows Movie Maker mp4 Codec?

Editing Insider gives the detailed guide on how to fix the mp4 codec.

Windows movie maker supports various video file formats, but it depends on what version of the program you are using. The video file formats it supports include avi, wmv, and asf. If you want to use the program to edit a movie, you can work with a movie that runs on the following format: mpg, MPEG-1, m1v, mpeg, and mp2.


Windows Movie Maker also plays audio files with the following file formats: wav, aifc, aiff, snd, mp3, au, amd, and snd. You can also work with the following image files: jpg, jpeg, jfif, bmp, and jpeg. Windows Movie Maker also works with native windows media file formats like asf, wm, and wmv. When saving files, the output formats accepted are wmv and avi for videos and wma for audio files.

Windows Movie Maker Codec: MP4, Mpeg, MP2

It is very easy-to-use and work with this program and it is highly compatible with today’s most popular video and audio formats, thanks to the Windows Movie Maker mp4 Codec. This is one of the reasons why the program is one of the most popular video editing software today. Windows Movie Maker is available for free through any Windows operating system.
What Causes Issues with Video PlaybackOutdated codecs or video driver may cause issue with Windows Movie Maker playback.

To troubleshoot issues with video or audio playback, take note of the following:
• You need to have the right codecs in order to play your videos and audio files. Video and audio playback require the right codecs in order to play.
• Run Microsoft FixIt tool to try to fix issues with codecs.
• Run MediaInfo, which will identify issues with missing or faulty codecs. Install MediaInfo if it is not already installed in your computer.
• If playback is still not possible due to a missing codec, convert the video or audio to a supported format e.g. wmv, then add it to your Windows Live Movie Maker project.
• Check to ensure your video card drivers are up to date. Windows Movie Maker widely uses video card GPU. The display driver may not be compatible with the video card, which may affect the reliability, compatibility and performance of the video card.
• Run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag) to determine the version and video card driver date. If you find that your video card driver is outdated, go the video card manufacturer’s website to download the latest version.

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