Ready to get your voice heard on Are you skilled in the art of writing, video editing, YouTube marketing or all of the above? Editing Insider is the place for you. is open to receiving submissions for guides, tutorials and reviews created by you.

If you can fit your article or video into any of our categories we will help to get your content posted and seen by millions.

How to Get Published

Editing Insider is always receiving posts from readers, writers and companies and find ourselves having to sift through a lot of not so good to find the gold.

Our rules are not strict. Please do not steal, plagiarize or copy others content and send it to EI. If your content is interesting and readable we will get it up onto our website.

A) Articles

If you are looking to submit an article, discussion, something that features more text than images:

  1. Please have an beginning, middle and end to your post.
  2. Subtitle your main point – then elaborate.
  3. Ensure that it is between 800 to 1000 words. (The only requirement that we are strict about.)

B) Guides / Tutorials

We love them tutorials, although to make it reader-friendly, follow these few guidelines:

  1. Get right to the point in your post in well under 20 steps.
  2. Include the product/website links where relevant.
  3. Credit your image sources or link back to the original site where you got the images from. Editing Insider can also provide images on request.

C) Reviews

Would you like to discuss video editing related software or plugins? EI is the spot.

  1. Submit article discussing the product and adhere to the basic article requirements.
  2. Make sure to include a Pros & Cons section to your review clearly showing off the products attributes and pitfalls.
  3. Credit your image sources and link back to the page the image was taken from.
  4. Include a rating from 0 / 100 to be included as part of the product review.

Extra Credit

Give your articles more leverage by

  • Linking to any other articles on the blog.
  • submitting in .html (Any format is acceptable).
  • Provide HQ images pre-sized to specifications.

All Done?

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