5 Tips to Edit YouTube Videos like a Pro

In the decade proceeding its inception, YouTube has risen from a simple video hosting site to a mega-corporation that offers entertainers of all sorts the opportunity to produce content and potentially make a career out of their videos. In order to truly jump onto the professional YouTube bandwagon, there are some basic video editing skills you should have. A truly engaging video is a balanced mixture of quality and content. You don’t need thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment (here you can find our post on the best video editing software for Youtube), but you do need to understand the fundamentals of film recording and editing in order to give your viewers an experience that is as visually appealing as it is engaging.

These following 5 tips are intended for both complete beginners and amateur YouTubers who wish to improve the quality of their videos and market their channels more efficiently.

1. Organize and Trim Your Video in Clips

While it may be easiest to sit down and make your entire video in one go, that can also make the process arduous and potentially ruin an entire video if you’re interrupted or slip up your speech. Smaller video clips can be edited and merged into one well-formatted video.


You can trim the beginning and endings of your clips, leaving you more room to move around, readjust the setting or camera and make any changes you need to the script or your work space without having to restart the video from the top.

2. Export to Youtube

Video editing software is much more advanced than YouTube’s editor, and you’ll be able to perform the type of merging and trimming mentioned above in addition to adding transitions, overlays and effects that we’ll take a look at later. You can upload any file under 20 GB to Youtube. The following formats are recognized:

  • MPEG4 (.mp4)
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • WMV
  • 3GPP
  • FLV

You can edit your video as much as you need to in one of these programs, export it to YouTube and then publish it. Exporting and uploading can take a while, but the quality of your video will be immensely improved and the extra effort you took will show.

3. Vary Your Shots

Instead of keeping the camera fixed the entire duration of the video, try various angles while shooting. Obviously this may not be applicable to every type of video, but keep in mind that people have to feel engaged while watching a video if you want them to finish and, more importantly, come back for more. Unless you have something incredibly important to say, watching you talk for 10 minutes staring directly at the camera is going to grow old fast.

If you have a personal channel and enjoy talking to your audience, consider mixing up those sit downs with some shots taken around town and in your day-to-day life. Vlogging is so much more than just staring into a camera lens for minutes on end.

4. Transitions and Effects

When editing a video that has multiple parts, using transitions and effects can make a huge difference on the overall quality. Whether your video takes place in multiple settings or you’re just transitioning between various topics of discussion, a transitory effect shows professionalism and thought. Most video editing software already comes with transitions that you can apply to sides and adjust down to the second.

5. Use Annotations

The annotations feature on YouTube allows you to link out to another video or a website in the video without disrupting playback. You can choose when it appears, how long it lasts and whether or not its captioned. Having a link to your site or another social media profile appear while you’re talking about it provides a quick and easy way for viewers to click through and follow your other sites.


There are plenty of other tips you can consider implementing to make your channel the best it can be. One of the most important things to do is maintain a high quality level of editing while you develop your style. It’s okay if your scope and approach changes over time, but one thing you don’t ever have to sacrifice is a professional-quality video that leaves your viewers satisfied and you feeling accomplished.


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