What Video Editing Software do Youtubers Use

Once just a job for Hollywood and professionals, video editing is now done by just about anyone wanting to post a video on Youtube, online for work or mere entertainment. It is now as simple as just dragging and dropping your raw footage in the most basic program like Final Cut Pro 7, Sony Vegas Pro, Camtasia, Studio 8, Pinnacle Studio 20, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Avid or just Youtube’s editiong software to enjoy many features that used to only come with high-end software programs. With just a decent camera and a good video editing software, we are now able to create high quality videos in a very short amount of time.

 Product InfoFeatures

PINNACLE STUDIO 20Click to see Price and more Info-Easy to Use
-Great Built in Functionalities

SONY VEGAS PROClick to see Price and more Info-Expensive but delivers full value to the user
-Four point editing modes

CAMTASIA STUDIO 8Click to see Price and more Info-Compatible for both Mac and Windows
-Easy to create dynamic videos and share them across any platform
-Free trial available

You may wonder what video editing software do Youtubers use? There are many different software programs available online. However, before clicking on the “Buy” button, there are a few key things to take into consideration. It is best to first think of the sort of features you need before making a purchase. Different software programs comprise of different features, therefore it is advisable to be realistic about what you’ll use, so you don’t end up buying software you don’t need. For example, a user editing their home videos to upload on YouTube will have different needs than a designer who wants to create videos for professional use.

Another important factor to consider is the video formats you’ll be shooting in. This is very important because not all raw footage work with every program. Therefore, look at the software programs formatting capabilities.

Finally, take into account the sharing capabilities. Ensure the software you purchase is capable of multiple sharing options. Below is a list of the top 12 best video editing software programs in the market for any level of expertise, from professionals’ to beginners’.

Good Video Editing Software Used by Pro Youtubers


pinnacle studio 20


Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate


Pinnacle Studio has the best value and comprises
of great features. The program has been rated as the easiest to use among video editing software programs. It can upload videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. The program has multi-camera editing for 6 cameras, the drag and drop HD video editing feature, 200+ effects, tra
nsitions, and templates, a free training, a live screen caption, 3D import, editing and export among many other features.


– Easy to use

– Minimizes the work load by helping the user with the built in functionalities

– Cheap Youtube video editing option


– The numerous functions can be a bit confusing for a while.



Camtasia 2018



With an attractive and easy to use interface, Camtasia Studio software is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. It is ranked the best video editing software program available in the current market. Camtasia has the ability to directly upload the professionally edited videos to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other websites. Camtasia comprises of an easy-to-use screen recorder, which allows the user to easily record anything on the screen without having to be a video professional. The software allows the user to edit videos easily and fast using the Camtasia’s professional video editor, ready-to-use themes, animated video backgrounds, graphics, callouts, and much more. You are also able to import your HD videos, photos, music, and many more from your camera or other sources.


– Compatible for both Mac and Windows operating systems

– Free trial available for unsure clients

– Easy to create dynamic videos and share them across any platform, anywhere


– Can be difficult to use for a first timer

For users not sure about Camtasia Studio, visit their website to download their free trial software. It has no annual fees or subscriptions. You get a discount to upgrade your previous version to the latest one.



Sony Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro


Sony Vegas Pro is one of the most expensive software programs. It is a great program to have because it comes with both standard and advance modes as well as two other additional modes. However, it is a bit limiting as it is only compatible with iDevices.



– This program, though expensive delivers full value to the user

– The best features of the program is the four point editing modes available


– It is only compatible with iDevices

– In case of a malfunction, the editing has to be done from the beginning again

This software offers a 30 Day  Free Trial.

sony vegas pro 14


Final Cut Pro

The Final Cut Pro software is ranked as the most valuable when it comes to video editing software programs. This is because it comes with two modes (Standard and Advance) so there is no need to purchase separate programs. The interface of the program is very easy to use and switching from one mode to another is not a problem to the user. The program is updated on a regular basis to ensure the user is always up to date with the new features available.


– Easy to use

– Regular upgrades


– The program sometimes crashes when used with Windows OS

Price: The program approximately costs $299.99.


Good Video Editing Software Used by Beginning Youtubers

Adobe Premiere Elements 11

This program is ranked the most professional version for beginners. For users who are constantly using the adobe suite for other tasks, this program will seem very familiar to you. It has an easy to use interface accompanied by effects such as a slow motion program and a speeding up program.


– Set up is the same as other adobe products making it easy to install

– It has a one click video sharing option to ensure instant uploads


– It does not have regular updates as other programs

– Some people find it difficult to use the features of the program despite the easy interface

Price: This program costs $99.99

AVS video editor

This program is very easy to use and a favorite among beginners. It comprises of unlimited number of features and video editing effects. The manufacturers have tried to make the functions simpler with every update. This program supports every format available from HD to Adobe Flash.


– Easy to use making it one of the most recommended video editor for beginners

– Comprises of the easy to use drag and drop technique to place the transition into effect


– It is very time consuming

– The program is very sensitive so the user needs to pay attention when using it.

Price: This program costs approximately $59

iSkySoft Video Editor

This program is easy to use and makes the process easier for beginners with both standard and advance modes. You do not require separate programs when using this video editor. The standard mode can be enabled by a first time user of YouTube video editing and upload. The mode ensures the video editing process is made easier for the beginners to use and the features provided are the best. The standard mode ensures the user does not need to worry about the complex functions within the program. The advance mode is best for large and more professional projects. When the mode is activated, the work is done in a more stylish and quality manner.


– Easy to use and straight forward methodologies

– The program comes with a trial that can be downloaded to enjoy both standard and advance modes for a period of time


– It is difficult for the user to use the Tilt Shift and Scene detection feature

Price: This program costs $39.95


Pinnacle Studio 20 


This video editing program is great for beginners who are looking for more features than the ones found in a free video editor program. The program comprises of multi-camera editing for 2 cameras, drag and drop HD video editing, 1,500+ effects, transitions, and templates, a 6-track frame-accurate editing, and a 64-bit performance.


-The program comprises of many easy to use features

-The drag and drop features makes it easy for a first time user


– Does not allow Live Screen Capture


Video Editing Software Used by Youtubers for Free

HitFilm Express (PC/Mac)

This video editor is the most powerful free software available. This free version can do just about anything the user requires when starting out. It is a great start to video editing programs and the user can purchase premium add-ons as they progress further into video editing.

iMovie (Mac)

This is a free and easy to use video editor for Mac users. It comprises of a number of good features and can be used as a main video editor by YouTuber’s. The software is free for Mac users only otherwise it costs $14.99

YouTube Video Editor (PC/Mac)

This program is YouTube’s free video editor. This video editor is online and lacks many features. It however can be useful for a while before the user decides on a better video editor software to purchase.

Windows Movie Maker (PC)

This is a free and very basic video editor for Windows users. It is okay for beginners but as you progress, you will require a good video editing software program with more features.



  1. DamianVoychek
    February 13, 2016 at 2:06 pm — Reply

    Very useful review, thanks guys. I usually edit videos due to Viosk , very simple online editor, perfect to add some funny animation and effects. Moreover, there are many great templates for video making.

  2. Alan Gordon
    July 18, 2016 at 8:21 pm — Reply

    Great review, but you might also want to look into Corel Video Studio Pro X9. I started three years ago on X5 and it has worked great. Just upgraded to X9. I think the price is less than $80. BigBookofSales

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  4. Tigana Bryan
    December 27, 2016 at 9:48 am — Reply

    This article says that Sony Vegas Pro is only compatible with “iDevices”… Did you mean Apple Products?? Anyway that’s not true considering I use SVP14 every day on my Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

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  6. November 18, 2017 at 3:14 am — Reply

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